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grew out of my dissatisfaction with Flex Get's behavior and configuration. Go ahead and compare , though, was to set the download quality based on time: wait 6 hours (from publication date), then download the x264 SD version, but if after 12 hours after that a version isn't available, then download the x264 720p version, and if either of those aren't available for 2 days then download the Xvi D SD version. After installing the software, the next thing you need is a configuration file. HDTV.x264-KOENi G.mp4 $ From: [email protected] To: [email protected] Subject: plexfix OLD name: /me/tplex/content/videos/adrian kevin/ridiculousness.0629-yestv.mp4 NEW name: /me/tplex/content/videos/adrian kevin/ridiculousness.