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Oh, I might be interested to learn my online date considers a parole officer his best friend, has a very nice collection of human femurs and was once mistaken for Danny Trejo, but I don't think my social skills in these situations require any extra sharpening. The article says online dating helps us define what we're looking for in a partner. Some things I do not want, that I never would have imagined were even a thing, were it not for online dating, include but are not limited to: *human trophy collecting *men who require their food be pre-chewed *men whose first words upon meeting me are "you do not have a submissive bone in your body" *men who are lesbians (Not LGBTQ people, I'm talking about men who have no desire to be a woman in any regard whatsoever except for the part about having sex with women, and feel the need to come up with a clever way to tell me that because, who knew?