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iloveyou sulli ❤ I think Sulli had made a very wise decision to leave fx and pursue ancting professionally.. Kudos to you and i wish u all the best for next year Sulli-sshi:) Sulli is a really great actress. Couldn't really blame her that she decided to leave the group because of anti-fans hating on her. I just wish that she could keep in touch with the members so that they'll still support each other. Sulli is such a sweet girl and i love her personality who is caring and adorable! She was okay because Minho was such a boring actor. Perhaps it would be best if the girl's in f(x) didn't act... Luna's musical performances have been wonderful and Victoria and Amber haven't appeared in anything, so I can't say /all/ of them shouldn't act. I am so much like crazy because I smile whenever I think about "to the beautiful you" sweet moments .. Your future is bright in this entertainment industry and hope to see both of you couple again in new project and go chase your dream!